At On the House Real Estate, we are committed to the success and well-being of our team members.We believe in nurturing each individual to thrive not only in their professional lives but also in their personal endeavors.

Our agency is dedicated to motivating and empowering every member of our team, providing programs and support to enrich their lives and elevate their performance as real estate agents.

Welcome to the world of Outpreneurs, where businesses are transformed to work for you, enabling a balanced and high-quality life doing what you love. Say goodbye to the exhausting grind of traditional entrepreneurship and embrace a strategic and efficient approach to running your business.

Whether you're self-employed, a startup founder, a small business owner, or an experienced entrepreneur, the journey of starting and running a business can be overwhelming. The key lies in maximizing your efforts and resources through effective strategies and resource utilization.

Many entrepreneurs find themselves trapped and overwhelmed, unable to enjoy a well-balanced quality of life. They tirelessly exchange time for money, sacrificing personal well-being. When the business suffers, losing clients, staff, and profits, it's time for a transformation.

Will you continue juggling, risking the collapse of both your business and personal life? Or will you become an Outpreneur, strategically working on your business while maintaining control? By focusing on efficient structures, systems, procedures, and assembling competent staff, you can exceed client expectations, ensure future growth, and savor a well-balanced life.

Becoming an Outpreneur requires a mindset shift and the implementation of a solid business model and strategy. By placing the right people in key positions, refining systems and procedures, and adopting effective marketing and sales approaches, you can turn your business into a sustainable and profitable venture.

Our Outpreneur© Programme offers personalised coaching and mentoring over six months. It includes one-on-one business-focused coaching, the development of a robust business strategy and model, system and procedure refinements, staff training, marketing and sales strategies, engaging brainstorming sessions with your team, and monthly group sessions and think tank groups. Through dedicated commitment and engagement, we aim to maximise your personal and business outcomes.

Meet Francois, the visionary behind the Outpreneur© Academy and the Garden Route Wellness Centre. With over 30 years of experience as a transformational business leader, coach, and speaker, Francois has successfully started numerous businesses and empowered entrepreneurs and organisations to achieve maximum growth and performance. He is also passionate about assisting individuals facing health or medical challenges, focusing on overall wellness and well-being. His expertise encompasses the entrepreneurial mindset for success, business growth and strategy, service excellence, employee engagement and productivity, personal growth and development, maximising personal performance, and salesmanship.

Additionally, Francois actively contributes to the New Beginnings Youth Project, dedicated to developing young entrepreneurs by providing training on entrepreneurial and business skills. Through coaching, he helps them create sustainable business models, strategies, and systems.

Discover the immense rewards of being an Outpreneur, where you strategically work on your business, achieve personal and business growth, optimise performance and profitability, and embrace a well-balanced and fulfilling life. Join us on this transformational journey today.

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